About Natural Stone Installation

Natural Stone Installation is owned and operated by myself, Brooks Burleson. I have over 26 years of experience working as a stone mason in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. I have done everything from building stone fireplaces to constructing a 150 foot flowing creek in a client's front lawn.

In the past few years my creative interests have focused on building very substantial retaining walls with integrated boulders and quarried slab steps. In some instances using large machinery to set these stones is not feasible due to existing landscaping or other constraints. I study and practice old techniques of moving and setting very large stones by hand. Some of the stones I have worked with by hand are in excess of 9,500 pounds. The tools I use to move these large boulders include sleds, log rollers, block and tackle, levers and fulcrums. Using machinery I have worked with stones in excess of 15,000 pounds.

Having an artistic background, I look forward to incorporating new ideas with each upcoming project. I enjoy doing stonework and I enjoy working with homeowners to help them transform their homes with beautiful stonescaping.

Fireplace and Facades

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